Supporting Trans People of Colour: How to Make Your Practice Inclusive - Sabah Choudrey


Providing an accessible and authoritative introduction to issues around People of Colour (POC) trans inclusion, this book uses case studies, tips, checklists and. anonymous survey results to set out best practice for any professionals working with trans people to create safer spaces, support and awareness.

Trans people of colour are often excluded because gender and race are treated as separate issues. They are therefore left out from movements and services and in trans and non-binary spaces, their POC identities are overlooked. Choudrey's guide introduces the theory of intersectionality from the start, giving practical tips and steps to ensure that the community as a whole may be represented and creates a safer space for trans people of colour to thrive.

'This highly accessible and important book breaks free from overwhelmingly white trans-narratives that indelibly link queerness to whiteness. Choudrey skilfully brings gender fluidity within Asia, Africa and the Americas, with its relationship to colonialism and the British Empire, out of the shadows.' - Eugene Ellis, Author of The Race Conversation

'Sabah's writing style is accessible, informative and engaging, which is the perfect combination for a book with this mission. Sabah eases you in with succinct and clear explanations of key concepts within intersectionality, and by the end you will feel you have the tools to enact positive change into people's lives around you.' - DIVA magazine