Size Guide

  • Binder sizing information


    Short and Long binder sizing (binder light below)

    Please measure yourself against our size guide. Our sizes differ from other companies, so much so that our Small may be equivalent to a Large in another brand. 

    When measuring yourself you need to check the guide against two measurements: the rib measurement and chest measurement.

    Your rib measurement can be taken by holding a soft tape measure around the circumference of your body just underneath your soft chest tissue.

    Your chest measurement will be taken the same but with the tape measure over the largest part of your chest; usually this will be over the nipple. 

    If your measurements fall into 2 different sizes, we would recommend using the rib measurement as this is the most important.

    Your ribs must never be compressed as this may restrict your breathing. Chest tissue on the other hand is much more easily compressed. 

    If you are between 3 sizes, use your own discretion and consider how much you fall into each size. For daily and long term wear we would recommend going for the middle size. If you plan on wearing the binder less frequently and your rib measurement is very low within a size, you may be able to go with the lower size. 

    Fitting can be influenced by a number of factors such as chest tissue shape and density.

    If you are still unsure on sizing you are welcome to send us an email to and we can advise you further. 

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Binder Light

  • New in!

    Our sizing for binder light differs from our short and long binders. Please bear this in mind when purchasing for the most accurate fit!

  • Boxer sizing information

    For added security with a silicone packer and with a sanitary pad, we've designed our boxers to have a slim fit.

    If you would prefer a more relaxed fit, please size up.

Swim Shorts Size Guide

  • Swim Shorts sizing information

    Please measure yourself around where the waistband would sit.