The Autistic Trans Guide to Life - Yenn Purkis and Wenn Lawson. Foreword by Dr Emma Goodall


This essential survival guide gives autistic trans and/or non-binary adults all the tools and strategies they need to live as their very best self.

Blending personal accounts with evidence-based insights and up-to-date information. Written from a perspective of empowerment and self-acceptance, the book promotes pride, strength and authenticity.

Covering topics including self-advocacy, mental health and camouflaging and masking as well as key moments in life such as coming out or transitioning socially and/or physically.

Written by two leading autistic trans activists, this book honestly charts what life is like as an autistic trans person and is vital, life-affirming reading.

'I would rename this the thriving guide! This is such a powerful book, packed full of essential information for trans and non-binary adults navigating the gender transition process. The case studies and personal stories shared by Wenn and Yenn, both trans and autistic themselves, make this book relatable and profound. Wenn and Yenn skillfully dispel the many misconceptions surrounding the intersectionality of gender and autism, additionally making this a must-read for those supporting trans autistic adults.' - Finlay Games – Author and Content Creator

'The Autistic Trans Guide to Life fluently discusses the unique challenges existing for. people who are both transgender and on the autism spectrum. Despite a clear data driven prevalence, this intersectionality does not seem to be widely acknowledged in mainstream information. This guide not only helps outline possible pathways to transition, it also identifies the unique challenges autistic people may face during transition. By offering insights through the eyes of autistic individuals, The Autistic Trans Guide to Life provides a rich template from which those who bend both the autism and gender spectrum can benefit.' - Dade Barlow, MSc, C EH