Foam Packer



Made with a lightweight yet firm foam to ensure maximum comfort and durability. 

ūüĆ≤ 1 Tree planted for each order!

The non-anatomical design creates a realistic silhouette. 

Our packing bulges were developed to go with our:  3-in-1 Boxers.

These bulges come in 3 sizes at the moment - 1, 2 and 3.

Our recommendation on size would be: Younger or smaller people may want to wear the size 1 or 2. For older and bigger people, we would recommend wearing a smaller packer for swimming shorts or grey joggers... and the larger size 3 in jeans or similar as it is quite a bit bigger.

** Orders shipped outside the UK require customs labels to be added to the outside of our packages.

These customs stickers contain item descriptions, we have tried to maintain your privacy, so these packers will appear as "Foam"**