We are now accepting new and used chest binders from our customers.

Join us in giving the gift of gender euphoria by re-homing your chest binder!

At Spectrum Outfitters we donate chest binders to our chosen charities, that actively support people in need in our community

We decided to set up this chest binder recycling scheme in addition to these donations to re-home binders that are no longer needed from our customers.

We accept new and used chest binders from you to help make a difference in partnership with these charitable organisations. These don't need to be Spectrum binders, we donate all brands that are safe and in a suitable condition.

You can give your old chest binder a new life by giving it to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford one. You can rest assured that your chest binder is helping someone and is not wasted!

All you need to do is return your chest binder, with a note of the organisation you've chosen to us at:

Spectrum Outfitters Offices, Cottage Farm,

Church Lane, Old Milverton, Leamington Spa. CV32 6SA.

We send recycled binders to these charities